The Thought Capture Method

Capture it to track it

One of the most frustrating things I found when I was trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life and what my ultimate dreams and ambitions were was that I ended up having bits of paper all over the place.

I would write down a list, then lose it, then draw a mindmap and replace that with a voice note and I ended up not having a clue what I ultimately wanted out of life. In fact it was so unorganized I didnt even know what I was doing that day let alone the rest of the year.

The irony is that I have managed many multi-million dollar projects and run pretty tight ships and here I was not knowing what day of the week it was when left to my own devices!

I knew I needed to get back some kind of control and hence the Braindump Master tool was born.

The tool is a simple way to capture all of those thoughts that come to you and gives you a place to shift through them too. It also works really well with the Mindset Tracker & the Reflections Tracker. So when you combine all three books you create a powerful habit that will have an exponential impact on your goals. Just stick with it!

I've given you access to both a Google Sheets version and an Excel download too.

Remember if you have any issues please contact support in the top navigation bar.

Happy Tracking!

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