BONUS 1: Ayse's Secret Goal Setting Methods

The Secret Sauce to Effective Goal Setting

Want to know how I set and achieve my goals?

In this over the shoulder training, I share with you the formula I personally use and get my clients to use when setting their own goals.

We are not just talking about setting small goals here. We are talking about the kinds of things people dream of achieving but never do because the goal is just to big.

This is the training from the behind the scenes that shows you how:

1. I wrote a 60,000 word book in just 3 months

2. How I decluttered a 3 bed house down to 2 suitcases to travel the world

3. How I personally lost over 40 lbs in a year

So I know this formula works because I use it myself and have taught this to my 1 to 1 clients. Enjoy!

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